new update

July 21, 2007

as you know i haven’t updated this blog in days but now i am back from being busy and tired which is making me cranky and stuff but now i still get tired sometimes.i am still visiting Second Life as much as i can.

first life news

April 1, 2007

well as you all know i am a writer for almost 2 years but i have been backed up in a lot of stories.but i do write a lot even my sleep schedule is messed up and i do try to get enough other news i enjoyed going to the easter egg hunt here in my local town i had fun and the stuff i brought home was about 3 bags of candy and chocolate but i feel happy that i got that stuff.i hope to do it next year because i had a blast at it and i really enjoyed the event and they want me to volunteer next year because i had a lot of fun.i talked to the kids and the adults they was nice to me so i got along with them and had no problems at all.

dragonfan’s teachings news

April 1, 2007

well as you know that i am still trying to get into teaching other races.but pretty much it’s hard for me to do it because of the problems of finding a place on Second Life.also it’s been hard for me to go to places to teach and i got turned down at academy of second learning in the eson sim because of not being educational far i don’t know where to turn to and i remember rodneylee jessop offered me land but it wasn’t that good because of it being in a unpopular area which it wouldn’t have worked.